' Nothing wrong with marriage between first cousins '

The dangers of a marriage between first cousins are exaggerated in the Western world.

In the past this type of contract may even effective against diseases such as malaria and leprosy.

That social psychologist writes Ashley Hoben. She will be awarded a PhD by Thursday on this subject at the University of Groningen (RUG).
In the past, good genes possible passed, whereby the immunity against diseases. In areas where used to be much malaria and leprosy, were relatively high number of kinship marriages.

Health problems
Nowadays there is a greater chance of health problems and birth defects in children of related parents. It even goes on average to a one and a half times as high risk. Nevertheless, Hoben that the risk is overrated. A child of a mother who drink a lot of alcohol or drug use during pregnancy, has a greater chance of defects.

In the United States is a marriage between first cousins prohibited by law. In many countries in the Middle East it is quite normal to be married with a family member. Famous people like Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Edgar Allan Poe and Queen Victoria were married with a nephew or niece.


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