Explosion at the seat of Government in Oslo

In the Centre of the Norwegian capital Oslo is Friday a bomb attack committed on the headquarters of the Norwegian Government.

When the explosion killed seven people according to police, two people have been seriously injured. Several hours after the explosion opened a man dressed as a policeman fire at a youth camp in Utøya, near Oslo, where an unknown number of people injured. Police suspect a link between the two attacks. An anti-terror Unit of the Norwegian police has arrested the shooter.

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, whose Office is also in the affected building, worked at home Friday and was not around when the bomb went off, said an adviser to the Prime Minister.

According to a Government spokesman, there are still people stuck in the affected premises. It is not clear how many people it goes. "I can not go into details," said the spokesman.

The Norwegian authorities have evacuated Oslo train station. All cars to and from the airport are held for review. Also calls on the Government to citizens not to go to the Centre of the city and to avoid large gatherings.

According to an eyewitness by the explosion almost all-glass in the twenty-storey building. Around the building hang puffs. "I saw three or four wounded people carried away," said the eyewitness.

On images of NRK shows that the bottom floor of the building is completely eroded. The square in front of the building is littered with broken glass, debris and documents out of the building. Nearby buildings, including the offices of a number of Norwegian newspapers and news agency NTB, are cleared. Some of these buildings was also damaged. According to an Associated Press reporter who sat during the explosion in the building's NTB, shook the property on its foundations.

The explosion comes at a time when Norway struggling with a to Al-Qaida affiliated terror plan. Two suspects are at the time in jail pending the indictment. A Norwegian Prosecutor complained the last week of Mullah Krekar to Iraqi mental origin for threatening politicians. The man had said to politicians will kill if he is turned off.

Terrorism is also a problem in neighbouring Denmark since the fuss around a series of Danish cartoons about the Prophet Muhammad in 2005. The Danish authorities say since then several to have foiled terrorist attacks. Last month sentenced a Danish judge a Somali man who had broken into the home of cartoonist Kurt westergaard still up to ten years in prison.

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