Discussion on PVV and Breivik breaks loose

The discussion on the impact of the PVV has had on the massacre of Anders Breivik seems erupted.

Bend in different newspapers columnists, professors and politicians the question what role PVV leader Geert Wilders. In his manifesto refers several times to the Breivik PVV leader.

Virtually all commentators point out first of all that Wilders not complicit to the 76 dead in Norway, often followed by a ' but '. The Volkskrant writes that no one in the House of representatives will find Wilders partly responsible.

So writes D66 mp Boris van den Ham that it is a ' idiotic reflex ' is to link between Wilders and the massacre. "Right people who go critical on the veralgemeniseringen of Wilders must lead by example."

Researcher to radicalism and extreme right Hans Moors takes place according to the newspaper that Wilders called ' a kind of responsibility '. Wilders could too easily from the perpetrator put away like crazy.

"This man was not crazy, not cognitive, and he is highly trained. Wilders would have to argue what is wrong with the ideas of people like Breivik. Indicate where the border is for him. " The newspaper points out that PVV-followers on internet forums to express their admiration for the attacks.

Political scientist Jean Tillie points out that the PVV also radicalisatie can occur. "I have heard it said: they had had in Norway but a party such as the PVV, Breivik had an outlet and he was not up to his actions." Though he finds that Wilders should stand still in the Act in more detail. Wilders would create an image of good and evils. "The world is not as simple as he suggests."

Historian Jan Dirk Quickly calls the contributions to the debate of Wilders ' dangerous '. The consequences are drawn by others, "but distributing a mendacious worldview is not innocent ', he says in the Dutch daily newspaper.

"The ball is in Wilders ', headlines NRC Next on the front page. Columnist Bas Heine quotes a speech that Wilders earlier this year in Rome. In it were the ' multiculturalisten ' left-wing blamed for the looming ' demise ' of Europe.

"It is time the politician explains how he his struggle against the ' demise ' of Europe exactly form." The issue can not be dismissed according to Hafeez as the Act of a crazed loner.

The press States that it's too easy to do with the case a short tweet. "The reason: the similarities between the ideas of Breivik and that of Wilders, his party-ideologist Martin Bosma and other islam critics in the world are simply too great."

The newspaper points out that Wilders in his trial suggested that the ' multiculturalistische elites ' a ' total war ' against the population. "What he expected of his followers? If there is indeed a war, not the logical consequence is that that to grab the sword and fight back? And why is such an attack against the multiculturalistische ' elites ' then suddenly the action of a madman? " The PVV leader would ' crystal clear ' that it is a spiritual battle.

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