Helmonders want to mob against ' Moroccan youth '

At the beginning of July it was announced that residents in the Brabant Helmond thought of a mob against the terror of Moroccan youth.

Over a month later, and little initiative of the municipality, it appears that mob to get there. 150 to 200 ' such a man can the residents together. There, Moluccans and Anti lianas still at, because they have also hate those guys. ' That leaves a father of four children, today in the press.

With those guys, he refers to Moroccan youth between 12 and 25 years. ' Who are so arrogant. That swing comments to your head like ' pussy-Hamilton '. Geert Wilders was there almost obviously quick to respond to the incidents: ' Shocking report Arnold Karskens in the press about Moroccan street terror in Helmond. I want to be fast on working visit to residents to support! ' So he said via Twitter.

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