Dutch Labour Party Parliament Member Samsom appalled nuisance street vehicle

Young Moroccans have "a kind of ethnic monopoly" on street nuisance.

That says Dutch Labour Party Parliament Member Diederik Samsom, who secretly also street coach for almost a year, in an interview with NRC Handelsblad. The Labour Party is by disappointed voters and opponents often blamed the problems of insecurity on the streets not to take seriously. Samsom says itself that insecurity on the streets for his party "a huge weak spot is".

"That insecurity culminates in a few icons, and one of these is that of Moroccan boys. And that's not because Geert Wilders always on that drum beats. In the end, the whole integration story of non-handenschuddende imams through a curious hurdle race at street nuisance. And it is mainly Moroccan boys. "

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