' Islam is the best way to come to God '

Journalist and Nouweira Youskine islamologe is itself Muslim and writes a weekly column in the Wedding as of Thursday.

"If I don't understand something about the Islamic faith, question I always by my father. He knows very much. But he is also traditional. On my thirty-fourth may I take him still not only through the dark home. So he will cycle on his eighty-third still with me back, as I've been visiting with them. Somewhere I think: ' Hello, dad '. But it endears me too. He wants to protect me.

"My father grew up in the Indian Sufi tradition. That is a very different islam than where you hear about daily, the Turkish and Moroccan variant. My father was the uncle of Inayat Khan. He played on the Indian estates, and was a well-known Mystic. "

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