Lawyer: ' create mild form of girls circumcision is legal '

Criminal lawyer Wouter Veta advocates the symbolic circumcise girls.

Under medical monitoring, the mildest form of circumcising legally. In this form are the consequences so small that the cultural freedom is more important. The criminal lawyer advocate in a thesis which he obtained his doctorate. The idea provides according to the AD for a lot of anger and resistance. Each year there are about fifty girls who be circumcised. Especially Sudanese, Egyptian and Somali parents let their daughter circumcised.

Prohibited by law, and that is not just the case say the doctors. ' All forms of unnecessary surgery in children are violation of their rights ', says Board Member Gert van Dijk of doctors Federation KNMG. "Certainly because this kind of intervention quite often on the ' kitchen table ' is done, or in non sterile environments during holidays to the country of origin. '

According to Vernon is allowing limited female circumcision no slippery slope. ' It can improve the position of women is correct. It is a question of the extent to which the circumcision is punishable. If there is no substantive and permanent harmful effects are for the girl, there is insufficient reason to lose. '

girls circumcision