Debate interrupted by Sharia4Belgium members

A debate in the Amsterdam debate Centre De Balie is Wednesday night disrupted by Muslim extremists.

Agents have to intervene, confirms a spokesman for the police. In the debate spoke Canadian author Irshad Manji and green left mp Tofik Dibi about modernization within islam. According to Manji were the Belgian extremists who the meeting. Some twenty radical Muslims, presumably of the movement called Sharia4belgium slogans and threw eggs, as writing attendees on Twitter.

They also demanded that Manji, which would have spit on, and Dibi would leave the stage. "Despite the request of the police, is there to answer: no," said Dibi. The agents have extremists around 21.30 hours removed from the Chamber. Two arrests have been made, says Director of the Desk Yoeri Albrecht, who speaks of ' radical Islamic rig '. He's going to make a declaration. The debate is then resumed.

PVV leader Geert Wilders calls it a ' serious incident '. "Tofik Dibi deserves no eggs of radical Muslims", he is twittering. "He must be able to say what he wants."

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