Prosperous new proposal to ban ritual slaughter

The party for the animals comes as soon as possible with a new Bill to ban ritual slaughter without anesthetic.

That group Chairman Marianne Thieme announced Wednesday evening in the television program Pauw & Witteman. Tuesday night be the first Room the Bill that prohibits without ritual slaughter. In the second Room got the plan yet a large majority. "I can assure you that I do not it," said Thieme. "I'm going to have a new Bill. It should not be for an animal what faith are butcher. "

The thrust of the new proposal remains the same, but the plan should be more workable. The discussion on ritual slaughter does all long time. Jewish and Islamic groups protested vehemently against the ban. They find that they are limited in the confession of their faith and suggest in addition that the slaughter of animals according to the religious requirements of Muslims and Jews have no extra suffering.

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