Abdi: ' I'll be there with the will of Allah at its against Tunisia '

Oussama Abdi has all the confidence in the get involved with the Lions of the Atlas against Tunisia.

The taste maker of Heerenveen and the Moroccan national football team announced not too much pain to have and that the injury is not serious. He did opposite Al Oula, reports Atlas Lions. ' I don't have much pain anymore, so it's going well now. I hope that I will be there inshAllah at during the first game against Tunisia '.

The team doctor of Morocco, Angelica Hifti announced that the winger injured his during a training. He must now take a number of days of rest than we'll soon see if He can do against Tunisia.

He let the Morocco's friendly games anyway. So he was not at all against Grass hoppers. Morocco won that contest with 3-1.

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