Morocco is surprised by smarter Tunisia

Morocco is the tournament for the Cup of Nations started with an undeserved defeat.

The team of coach Eric Gerets went in Gabon with 2-1 beaten by Tunisia. Heerenveen player Oussama Abdi stood by Morocco in the base, but was changed. Morocco wanted to like revenge for the lost final of 2004, but just like eight years ago stepped Tunisia after ninety minutes with a 2-1 victory of the field. Khaled Kalamkar made with a rake free rustand, 15 minutes before time for the 1-0 made a substitute Youssef Msekni there 2-0 of.

Houssine Kharja spent four minutes before the tension back. Gabon has just as Tunisia three points about the first game in Group C where the host country won Monday with Niger 2-0.

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