Verbeek: ' I have a Morocco seen ' unrecognizable

Morocco went on during the first game in the African Cup beaten by Tunisia on Monday night.

The team of coach Eric Gerets lost with 1-2, to disappointment of Pim Verbeek, coach of the Olympic team. "I have a Morocco seen beyond recognition," said the trainer opposite the NOS. "Despite that they have some large opportunities have created and the fact that the goalkeeper of Tunisia his country in the race. 1-0 you come back and you have to pull out all the stops and take risk. We have done and the 2-0 falls. Just before time you come still on 2-1 and then hope you remember, unfortunately. "

"These are matches that we all as a trainer or supporters have been there" continues Verbeek his story. "But the expectations were high and such a first game is crucial. This is a decent tap. I'm now about a year and a half and losses is not in the dictionary. "

Verbeek now know that Gerets for an awkward command,, Friday he plays with Morocco against host country Gabon. "I must strongly be mistaken, but at worst does not count the goal difference but the mutual result. Then you may lose more so no point. You have to get everything out of the closet, that is clear. Now it plays also a role, not only quality mentality. It's still going to be exciting. "

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