Gerets has no time for nuance ' Moroccan '

Eric Gerets thinks Morocco contender for the victory of the African Cup.

The Belgian national coach of the Moroccans, however, saw his team lose with 2-1 of Tunisia Monday. However, Gerets in North Africa is in place, he lays in International soccer. "I am a world traveler," says Gabriel. "Europe, Asia, Africa; I've seen everything now. Just the unknown pulls me. Playing football in Africa is surprise yourself and do I like. " "Though the Africa Cup not the look of a EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS or a World Cup, it is a big tournament," continues Gerets. "As a coach, I think it is beautiful that. I feel at home in Morocco and therefore I dare to say you me no more in the Premier League again. "

The title chances are there according to Gerets, though he is more cautious than the majority of Moroccan football fans. "There is missing some top countries, such as Cameroon, Nigeria and Egypt. So yes, Morocco is contender, everyone will find. I would point out that in recent years this country has missed everything, but for nuance is no time. "

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