Press Conference Eric Gerets and Hammad Kharja

Prior to the crucial match of Morocco against Gabon gave Eric Gerets and Captain Hammad Kharja their vision of the game.

The national coach of Morocco says that the team the same way will play as against Tunisia, reports Lakome. ' We will have done the things we need to change. So for example, we have to defend more aggressively and put pressure and thus a profit. ' For changes in the team will take place is not clear. Especially now that He is not fully fit turns out to be is a Exchange makes sense, but let Gabriel have not even thought of yet and says the situation to wait until tomorrow.

Gabriel realizes that it will be difficult: ' the match against Gabon will be hard because the team well. They can defend well and have a lot of speed in the legs. We have to score as soon as possible to make it ourselves. We have no other choice but to win and for that, we need effeciënter for the purpose if we get chances. '

Captain Hammad Kharja says that the loss against Tunisia forget is: ' the loss has been forgotten because our focus now on Gabon. We will have to play and win to the loss. The Elimination of Senegal is a good lesson for us '.

Tomorrow will be Eurosport report on the important game of our Lions of the Atlas against host country Gabon. Game starts at 20:00.