' Agents must unsubscribe burqa ' fine

Minister of security and justice Ivo Opstelten (VVD) finds that the police Friday proposed Burka ban, once that has been adopted by Parliament, just needs to maintain.

"The Minister assumes that the police perform law loyal", stresses his spokesman Saturday. The Minister responds to the criticism of the Central Works Council of the national police in creation and of the Dutch police bond (NPB). Frank Gaines, Chairman of the Works Council, announced the usefulness and necessity of the measure is not in. Burkas bring the safety in accordance with him not in danger. The NPB speaks through its President of ' political symbol '.

Also Green Left-leader Jolande Sap takes the burqa ban symbol politics. She said Saturday morning in the Radio 1 programme TROS Broadloom. According to Sap, there are other things needed for women's emancipation, such as training and language courses. They denounced the fact that the Cabinet has in order to make the burka ban is acceptable, such as an exception for Carnival. "I pull a Perhaps with Carnival," she said.

The Cabinet decided Friday to ban the burqa, despite the very critical Assembly of the Council of State, right to submit to the Second Room. The coalition parties VVD and CDA have with the PVV agreed that these cabinet period a ban on gelaatsbedekkende clothing.