Riots in Moroccan Rif go through

Past citizens came in a confrontation with the police.

In Ait Baldiviezo, Baldwin and there was fierce fighting between the police and citizens Imzouren. In Alhoceima hangs a very tense atmosphere. The security services in Morocco to prevent any kind of protest by hard to act. The Moroccan authorities put helicopters, special forces and many agents on the leg to the crowd. However, there is a lot of criticism about the crackdown by the authorities. Many people were injured by the riots. Also on the side of the police there are injured

In the evening tried the police in Ait Baldiviezo the streets to wipe clean by police dogs, tear gas and water cannons. On Aljazeera an activist spoke about breaches of human rights, the tough and the racist statements made by the authorities.

Unconfirmed sources say that two agents of the demonstrators. The and websites are by hackers from Netherlands and Morocco unmaintained so Hibapress know. The riots came after a leader of the 20-February Group on March 2, was arrested.

ait baldiviezo