Brother Mohammed Merah sued

French prosecutors have a provisional filed suit against Abdelkader Merah, the 30-year-old brother of Mohammed Merah that recent weeks seven people shot dead in and around Toulouse and in a shootout with the police.

Abdelkader is charged with complicity in murder and terrorism. The preliminary charge means that there are very good reasons to suspect someone of crimes, but allows the authorities to carry out further research. The French authorities believe that Abdelkader his brother has helped in the preparation of the killings. The question is to what extent he was involved. We also looked at whether the brothers acted alone, or that they have ties to an international network.

Abdelkader has helped his brother according to the French researchers in the taking of his weapons. He would also be the trips by Mohammed to Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Middle East. The lawyer of Abdelkader said Sunday that her client knew nothing of the plans of his brother. According to Anne-Sophie Laguens was ' no one aware of something '. Laguens denied that Abdelkader pride was on the deeds of his brother.