Assistance Muslim with a beard cut rightly

The city of Amsterdam has a Muslim who refused to shake hands with women and also did not want to cut his beard trim right on his national assistance benefit.

The Court of appeal of Amsterdam that in 1976 born man wrongly invoked on religious concerns. The municipality it shortened single in March 2009 two hundred euros on him to benefits because he twice against worked when him a job was offered. The first time it went to a position at a security company and the second time was given a job as Assistant at the work and income Service brigade forms offered.

For the security work had to the beard because of the safety up to a length of three to five centimeters are shortened and at the second course he had to be willing to shake hands with women. In both cases he refused and he relied on his faith. He also cited former Mayor of Amsterdam Job Cohen (PvdA), which had said that street coaches no hands have to give as long as they do their work anyway. Just like the municipality and the Court finds the Court of appeal that the man is not behind his faith can hide.

The Court points out that it is not unusual for a Muslim to shake hands with someone of the opposite sex. The man was not present at the hearing to explain why this for him or would be a problem. What the beard is concerned, according to the Court, also not made clear what the religious concerns.

In doing so, the Court notes that the man still has his beard eventually shortened. On Cohen the man can also not rely, according to the Court, because that his statements later has qualified. How long was the beard, is not entirely clear. There is talk of 20 to 25 centimeters, but the Muslim fights this and States that his beard but nine centimeters long.