President gets hard from Turkey to Wilders

PVV leader Geert Wilders is an Islamophobic social and proclaims an extremely sound that radicals feeds.

"That lays the Foundation for ethnic religious discrimination, which we already have lived through the last century," says the president of Turkey Abdullah Gül on the eve of his visit to The Netherlands Saturday in Telegraph. He calls the policy of Wilders as "xenophobia for their own political gain, nothing more and less '. In the whole of Europe is according to him a negative climate of we against they.

The attack of the Turkish president is Wilders. "Christenpester, Kurds swatter, islamist Hamas friend and G complains about intolerance," he notes on Twitter. "Turkish humor." In unity through diversity in Europe according to G achieved a great deal. Turks in the Netherlands would therefore have to keep their own culture and language. Though they have especially good learn to speak Dutch. The plan to eliminate duplicate passports he calls ' unwise '.

"It certainly leads to repercussions in relation to other countries." At the invitation of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands bring the president and his wife Hayrünissa G as of Tuesday a three-day visit to Netherlands. He is joined by parliamentarians, scientists and representatives from the business community and the cultural sector. The visit will focus on four hundred years Turkish-Dutch relations.

Wilders has already several times against the visit. So he found it inappropriate to celebrate with a regime ' that will silence journalists pick up and detineert, and that Allah-unfriendly cartoonists threatens with long prison sentences.

In november, he wrote in an opinion piece in the times that there is nothing to celebrate. "The Islamic regime by Gul and his party colleague, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, is not a true friend of the West and so also not Netherlands." The Cabinet then gave directly on that the celebration continues.

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