Wilders calls on Muslims to leave islam

" We must encourage the Muslims to leave islam and choosing " freedom and prosperity.

That said PVV leader Geert Wilders Monday at the presentation of his book Marked for Death in New York. "Our Judaeo-Christian and humanist civilization is superior to the barbaric Islamic civilization." Wilders said that Arab, Turkish, Iranian, Pakistani and Indonesian people could do amazing things if they have the ' yoke of islam ' would bear fruit, no longer as a role model would see the Prophet Muhammad and the Koran ' hateful ' would reject.

Wilders is trying in the book to explain why the ' totalitarian and violent ideology ' islam the greatest threat is global for the freedom, he said in a speech at the Gatestone Institute in New York. Further describes the how islam has changed Europe in recent decades ' profound ' and how many Europeans this from ' cultural relativism '
have allowed.

People who speak these ' truths ', such as Wilders, pay a high price. He refered to the lawsuit against him and threats from radical Muslims to him to bring. Wilders recalled that he was already eight years under permanent police protection. He said he has no word of regret and sees it as its duty to warn the West.

Wilders once again to what gave him wrong is to islam. He said he wrote the book because he thinks it's West islam just like Nazism and communism can defeat it. He called Israel a ' vital for post ' of Western civilization.

Also Wilders ' hobbyhorse of stopping the islamisation by the immigration came up again. Muslims who break the law should be deported, he said. Hereby he expressed again criticized the European Union, which, according to him, decides on most immigration rules.

The elections of 12 september, according to Wilders in the sign of the recovery of national sovereignty '. Despite the fact that he is not listed as a friend of the Royal family, carried Wilders because of Queen's day an orange tie.

geert wilders
new york