Riots after offensive Jew movie about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Maker shows Israeli Jew who live in the US.

Demonstrators who are furious about an American film in which the Prophet Muhammad have made ridiculous is the American Consulate in the Libyan city of Benghazi was attacked and set on fire. It is an American diplomat. An angry mob fell Tuesday with drawn weapons to the Consulate, said the Libyan Ministry of internal affairs.

The attackers would have used automatic weapons and even grenades have been fired. The security forces were overwhelmed and that the building had to protect the demonstrators raided the Consulate and then strike the building on fire. An American diplomat was shot dead and another American was injured. In total the attack lasted about three hours. The property burned virtually.

Us Secretary of State Hillary Clinton confirmed that during the attack on the Consulate in Benghazi a diplomat has been killed. They condemned the attack and said with the Libyan president Mohammed el-Megarif having spoken ' to additional help to coordinate for the protection of Americans in Libya '. Clinton said to worry that the protests spread to other countries.

"Some have tried to justify this depraved behavior in response to inflammatory material that is posted on the internet," said Clinton in a statement. "The United States regret every conscious effort to taunt the religious beliefs of others. (...) But let me be clear: there is no justification for these violent actions. "

Not only in Libya was also in Egypt, were demonstrators protested on the leg. Demonstrators climbed over the wall of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo and replaced the American flag by a black flag with the slogan in Arabic. Thousands of people protested at the Embassy against the film. Because there was warned for the demonstration, had most of the Embassy staff already left.

The demonstration took hours, but in the evening most of the demonstrators left. In the two-hour film, Innocence or Muslims, Muhammad is portrayed as a fraud, a masher and crazy. On YouTube there is a trailer for fourteen minutes of the film, in which Mohammed has sex and calling for massacres. Maker of the film is a 56-year-old property developer Sam Bacile, from California. Per phone makes Bacile, which Tuesday is hiding, himself known as an Israeli Jew.

In his own words he wrote, produced and directed the film. He says not to have counted on such furious reactions, but concedes that his film is meant to be provocative. He calls islam a tumor and says to believe he helps Israel with his film. According to his film once fully screened, Bacile is in an almost empty cinema in Hollywood. The Egyptian media reports for several days over the trailer for the film, which by the originally Egyptian American Morris S would be posted on the internet.

S is a Christian who in the US renowned for his anti-Islamic views. According to Bacile and S the film about the oppression of Coptic Christians in Egypt. A representative of Coptic Christian organizations in Europe, Carolyn Klada, calls S an extremist. "We are not at this track. He has the people (in Egypt) stoked against the Copts, "said Klada from Switzerland.

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