King speaks Government about Morocco Tamazight

Mohammed VI spoke to Parliament about some important points.

As he hammered out the new Constitution quickly. The judicial reform, languages including Berber, enjoy increased priority as found Mohammed VI. He urged parliamentarians to determination and courage to show in their policies and their implementation. After all, it is the responsibility of Parliament to a large number of laws that the new Constitution requires.

Also, he emphasized the importance of the regionalization of Morocco. Especially justice in Morocco, steeped in corruption has to endure when the King promised a major reform last spring. Since then, however, there seems to be little to change but the Justice Minister says time to need to tackle corruption and the necessary change.

Moroccan judges also stirring now by stating that they do not want interference from above, denoting the Government or even King Mohammed VI. The Berbers is now an official language in addition to Arabic. What reforms there still recover is not known.

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