Muslim body gets hard forward to new Cabinet

The Contact body Muslims and Government (CMO) is not happy with the coalition agreement.

In harsh words left it marks not to be happy with the measures such as the partial ban on the burqa. Rutte would considerably sledge-hammer II on minorities in Netherlands. The CMO believes that the coalition agreement is hard for almost one million Dutch Muslims. CMO says he had received many complaints of the Muslims in Netherlands. The Muslim community denounces the covert ' Burka ban ', sharper terms of marriage and family migration and the ban on cousin marriages.

Also people should pay their own integration on the basis of a loan. The contact institution says that the agreement fails when it comes to civilization. Civilization is not only solve the financial malaise but also treating minorities as full citizens. Rutte and Asscher can also better bets against discrimination. In addition, the representation of unemployed Muslim youth be better this group out of the doldrums.

CMO is from Moroccan, Turkish, Surinam and Pakistani mosques. For example, they play a role on the decision for ritual slaughter.

coalition agreement