Pope gets hard forward to gays

Pope Benedict XVI has commented on homosexuals Friday again negative.

According to the Church frost has given the role that God their gays manipulate and destroy them with that ' the essence of the human being '. The Pope made his remarks in his annual Christmas speech to employees of the Vatican. It is one of the most important speeches for the Pope and he spoke this year especially on the promotion of ' family values '.

Benedict quoted, among others, Gilles Bernheim, Chief Rabbi of France over the past time fiercely has resisted the legalization of gay marriage in France. According to both Benedict as Bernheim is the campaign to give homosexuals the right to marry or to adopt children ' ' an attack on the traditional family.

"People fight the idea that they have a nature, their given by their physical identity, which as a distinctive element of the man. But they deny that nature and decide for themselves that that is not something that is given, but that those who create for themselves, "said the Pope.

"Manipulating nature, what we denounce when it comes to the environment, is now suddenly a fundamental choice that people like to make about themselves," said Benedict. It is the second time in a week that the Pope to speak out against homosexuality and gay marriage.

In a recent speech said the Church Frost that gay marriage is a threat to world peace, just as abortion and euthanasia.

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