Walibi comes with prayer room for Muslims

Attraction park Walibi Holland in Flevoland is going to be a mosque.

Muslim visitors can spring from quietly perform their prayer in Walibi. Lindy Voskuil is the spokesperson and says that there is a great demand for a prayer place for Muslims. ' Islamic visitors turned out there need to have. They were looking for quiet places so far on near the attractions, but those spots are not much. '

Walibi has the scoop when it comes to a prayer room to pray. An existing space behind the main entrance will be in focus. In the Efteling says a spokesman that they demand for a prayer room absolutely not notice. ' At most once or twice a year there is someone who wants to pray ', a secluded location reports Koen Sanders.

In this case, the theme park ' de Efteling ' are looking for an empty space for the Muslims, but an entire room Setup is not necessary. Perhaps the Muslim by the prayer room now more inclined to Walibi.