Massive interest for killing prayer shot Said

Today it became dead prayer performed on the two victims.

Youssef and Said were shot dead last Saturday to yet unknown reason. Today was killing carried out on prayer the two young Moroccans. Slotervaart in Amsterdam mosque Ummah flowed full of family members, friends and strangers to the prayer for Said to attend. The body of Youssef Nasr Mosque for the prayer was transferred to. Acquaintances of the two killing described the boys as quiet young men who probably were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The police is currently doing with dozens of detectives investigating the true circumstances of the shooting in the westerpark in Amsterdam. The death of Youssef and Said shocked the Moroccan community in Amsterdam and the interest was enormous in order for the two to pray and to support the families. Many believe that the murders a violent lesson is for young people in the neighborhood.

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