' Integration problems too long ignored '

Long time thought the Dutch politics too easy on integration problems.

VVD-coryfee Frits Bolkestein, the group chairmen of other parties in 1990 already mentioned the integration problems, but he was ignored. That he proposed Sunday in Buitenhof. During a trip to the Soviet Union in 1990, he saw the chance to the then group leaders Thijs Wöltgens (PvdA), Ria Becker (Green left), Elco Brinkman (CDA) and Hans van Mierlo (D66) each to speak.

As new leader of the VVD would have penetrated the sense to him that the integration of minorities was less simple than was thought. "The slogan of the Cabinet was then: integration with preservation of integrity. I found that an internal contradiction. " According to him, the real problems came not to bid. "The debate was dominated by so-called experts who wegdrukten other opinions." There would have felt uncomfortable about themselves Bolkestein.

Bolkestein would be the Chairmen of the political groups have indicated that the integration problem is so great that no party can handle it alone. "I was hoping to reach a consensus on how the integration of the minorities should be promoted." However, at the group chairmen would have found no sympathetic ear Bolkestein. "The whole winter was in no way against me mentioned what I had said."

Therefore he decided a year later to write an opinion piece that was published in a morning journal. "I have pretty simple things said. If one now would read one would think: why did Bolkestein bothered to write that, we all know that? " According to him, the piece came down to the fact that minorities have a right to their own food, religion and clothes but should not differ from Dutch fundamental values.

"There is a lot of negative comment on come, particularly from the so-called experts." As opposition party the VVD according to Bolkestein could do little. "It would have been better if there had been a joint debate. The VVD-coryfee stressed that he is not the first who has appointed the integration problem. Though he would have put it on the political agenda.

frits bolkestein