Palestinians in Morocco for internal reconciliation

Representatives of Palestinian groups in Skhirat.

The representatives came Sunday evening meeting in the Moroccan city. The Palestinian representatives for three days to speak in this way, the process of mutual reconciliation and to give a new impetus to strengthen the Palestinian cause. Before that, however, much remains to be done and numerous mutual disputes be resolved.

In Morocco will try a bit to contribute to that process. The meeting was at the initiative of the authenticity and modernity Party (PAM) held and fits in line with the initiatives that other Arab countries have started. Mustapha Bakkoury provided the opening ceremony where several Secretaries of Moroccan political parties were present.

The Moroccan started clear: ' this is us ', so he let brands committed to be with the fate of the Palestinians. Bakkoury reported that the latest talks between Fatah and Hamas in Cairo contributed to the process of reconciliation. It is ' time to pave the way for a solution to all Palestinian movements ', said Bakkoury.

Caleb Touraoui, Member of the Central Committee of Fatah, noted that despite the divisions the Palestinian people is United when it comes to the independence of Palestine. In doing so, they do have the necessary support of the Islamic community and the Arab world, so is Touraoui.

State press agency MAP reports that there also it was stressed that the Moroccan people, the Government and King Mohammed VI behind Palestine.

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