A mother Mirjam has huge regret

The Moroccan woman has confessed that she has her daughter stabbed to death.

Her lawyer said to RTV Utrecht that the mother is a lady ' era '. ' In her cell she is getting more concerned about the rest of the family than to themselves ', says lawyer Willem Jan Abdelmajid. According to Abdelmajid has the woman much regret and sorrow for the death of Maryam. "This has they never wanted. When I told her at the police station that her daughter had died, slumped the bottom under her feet. "

According to him, the mother wanted to manage everything but that bumped such that the bomb burst. ' No one knows more than what he's doing, ' says Abdelmajid. That many media are reporting that the murder is on the Islamic background of the family is according to the lawyer crap.

' This could happen to a very Protestant family. You have to deal with a strong sense of community, where people very much alike. Parents are called to the behavior of their children. In that sense, made these parents might be busier than a family in the city, because there is less on each other. '

On 16 april, the first session on the agenda.

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