' Pink imam ' gets gay price

According to the imam is the Koran not against gays.

' Pink imam Muhsin Hendricks ' and the Dutch transgender movement are this year's winners of the Bob Angelo medallion of gay belangenorganisatie-COC. COC-President Tanja Ineke presented the award Sunday night in a sold out Paradiso in Amsterdam and praised the winners for their efforts for the emancipation of lesbians, gay men, bisexual and transgender people (At).

The South African Hendricks was educated to Orthodox imam in Pakistan and concluded later that the koran does not disapprove of homosexuality. In 1996 he founded The Inner Circle on to this insight to share and to support LGBT Muslims. "Hendricks delivers a particularly valuable contribution to the debate on sexual orientation, gender identity and islam in Netherlands, South Africa and the world," proposes COC-President Ineke in a statement.

"But he will receive the price above all because he much LGBT Muslims the strength to be who they are: Muslim and LGBT." Netherlands in 2011 and 2012 visited the imam on. He spoke with LGBT Muslims, migrant organisations and works with the COC to a Dutch branch of The Inner Circle. The second Bob Angelo-Padgett went to three champions of the Dutch transgender movement: Carolien van der spuy, Simon Huges and Thomas Walter.

"There is a great deal has been achieved over the past year for transgender people and that is the result of many years of commitment of the Dutch transgender movement", Ineke motivated the choice. That is essential for equal rights and social acceptance. " Last year, a bill that makes it easier for transgender people to change their sex registration.

The social and Cultural Planning Office also published the first large-scale research on the position of transgender people in Netherlands and got this group a lot of media attention.
The COC President called the Cabinet in her new year's speech on ' to these cabinet period the final sprint of the race for equal rights, but also a renewed start of the marathon to social acceptance. '

The Bob Angelo-Medal is named for the alias of Niek Engelschman COC-founder. Last year the price established in 1991 to former D66 leader Boris Dittrich and Publisher Mary of East. Previous winners are Erwin Olaf, Hans van Manen, Andreas Burnier, Paul de Leeuw, Joke Swiebel, Henk Krol and Sachin Bakshi.

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