' Damn the Moroccan women who steal our men '

Last week there appeared a remarkable video on YouTube.

A woman from Saudi Arabia did in the short video her complaint about the Moroccan women in the country. In it she reached out to her Moroccan males because they travel without mahram * to the Arab country while there strict Islamic rules apply. Once the furious woman says that they steal their men by their debauchery.

Finally, they cursed the plague of the Moroccan woman. The video, as expected, not much sympathy for the Moroccan women. A Moroccan decided to respond by stating that the Moroccan woman better than she in the video described it. In the reaction took them Koran verses forward which clearly written that everyone is equal.

The Moroccan remained so kind to her as sister and despite everything will never change in there. As advice she gave her to repent to Allah and the desire to meet her and to hug.

YouTube removed the video from the Saudi because it goes against the rights of women.

View the reaction of the Moroccan.

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