Despite rumors much uncertainty over death Abate

The police still has many questions about the death of the 13-year-old Amadou Abbasi.

The research is further Friday. The police therefore hopes to be able to say something more about the cause of death of the boy, said a police spokesman Friday on Radio 1.
"We still have a lot of questions and look there we now reply to", thus the saying woman. All options remain on the table, she says. So also looks at rumors that the boy may have committed suicide.

Abate disappeared Wednesday night after delivering advertising leaflets in the neighbourhood of East Village in Wassenaar. His bike was later found near attraction park Duinrell. Because of the loss was an Amber Alert issued, but that turned up nothing. Thursday morning his body was found.

At the schools in Wassenaar is extensively on the death of Abate. The Adelbert College, where the boy was at school, reports that the death of Abate the school has hit deep. "We are very sad to the empty place that he leaves behind in the classroom and in the school", reports the college on his website.

According to Broadcaster West is on the Bonifaciusschool, the old primary school of Abate, the Carnival celebration for Friday was cancelled. The school does not due this. The AD reported today that Abate bullied for his distinctive way of dressing. He was for gay and faggot broke up and the evening which would Abate was missing a spanking getting his attackers.

Police investigation should reveal what exactly was going on.

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