' More and more Muslims are converted to Christian faith '

More and more Muslims in the Netherlands are converted to the Christian faith.

Especially people from Iran, so Shia ' Muslims ' steps often about, claims the Dutch Newspaper Saturday from a tour of Church municipalities and nationwide operating foundations. Nationwide figures are not. According to the newspaper, the Christian churches see an increase in the number of former Muslims that they baptized. Some municipalities have already baptized dozens of Muslims over the last year and a half.

The Foundation Gospel & Muslim sees above all an increase in the number of converts since refugees from Iran to Netherlands. "They often have a negative image of islam. In them there is openness to the Christian faith, "said a spokesman in the newspaper. The Fathers House Movement, for Iranian and Afghan Christians, warns in the newspaper that not all Muslims who want to switch pure motives.

The Dutch Government is reluctant with returning Christians to Islamic countries because they are there because of their faith in trouble. That would be a reason for some Muslims to be a Christian. "Churches are soon happy if someone repents.

But they should understand that there also chaff between the corn is, "said a spokesman in the newspaper. Most municipalities give according to the newspaper that they occasionally against cases of Sham, but that it is certainly not the main part.