Blasphemy soon allowed by law

That turned out Wednesday during the parliamentary debate on the initiatiefwet provided by the SP and D66 was submitted.

The threats from the Christian Coalition Parties VVD and PvdA parties stop not to agree with the deletion of the ban on blasphemy. Prior to the debate warned the Christian Union and SGP the coalition. They let know that the support is not guaranteed if they goaded to Cabinet plans are on important issues for them. However, the VVD and the PvdA votes for deleting the ban on blasphemy. According to VVD Parliament Member Joost Tavern is the legislative provision ' unnecessary and old fashioned '.

According to Dutch Labour Party Parliament Member Martijn van Dam loves freedom of expression also in that people ever can feel mortified, but this does not mean that religious groups therefore need to be specially protected. Kees van der Staaij SGP leader called the deletion of the law article a ' great loss ' and spoke of the "conscious release of moral anchor point '. "It is about what is Holy: the name of god." Christian Union-House Member Gert-Jan Segers said that he would rather itself by satire ridiculous is made then that Jesus is mocked by satire.

Also the CDA spoke out against the Bill. The non-denominational parties found that it's finally time for the provision of the law. This is for almost ten years tried in vain. The Christian parties always knew. There now seems to come to an end. "Civilization not force you off with laws", said D66 mp Vera Bergkamp. SP mp Ronald van Raak pointed out that religious people have no more rights than non-believers.
For the PVV, where the Bill goes so bad are welcome, did not go far enough. Lilian Helder said what her party also concerns the ban on holocaust denial and hate group insult, may be deleted. The border is as for it at inciting violence.

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