Amazigh names now allowed in Morocco

The Amazigh movement in Morocco is very satisfied with a new decision.

The Assabah newspaper reports that the Ministry of the Interior has lifted the ban on Amazigh names. The decision was one of the promises of the Islamic PJD party after it seized power during the Arab uprising in the country. Amazigh in Morocco can give their children names such as from this week on Anir, Tifawt, Thiyya or Bahac, Saeedi.

Mohand Laenser has a list of names sent to all institutions that register new Moroccans. Also the Moroccan consulates abroad have been instructed to Amazigh names to accept. Amazigh activist Mounir Kejji is delighted with the decision and sees it as a victory because it marks an end of the ' racist law ', he reported opposite Yabiladi.

Although the subject has become a serious agenda item since short time in Moroccan politics run the Amazigh movement since 1996 a battle for the law to be abolished. At that time the names that is prohibited. Since then, dozens of families were denied when they wanted to give their new brood an Amazigh name. ' The most ridiculous is that there names were banned in a city while another city permitted it, as if there were two laws in a country, ' says Kejji.

Fatima Maatouse is a master's student at the University of Fes and said opposite Morocco World News that many Amazigh movements have put pressure on the authorities if there is a name was banned. Nowadays one can even speak of a ' Amazigh-lobby in Morocco ', says Maatouse. Human Rights Watch's recommendations also played an important role in the abolition of the law.