Moroccan ex-Muslim: ' there is no God but ... Mickey Mouse '

A young ex-Muslim in Morocco is on the run because the police want to interrogate him.

Imad Iddine Habib is a young Moroccan and founder of the Council of ex-Muslims of Morocco and activist for the rights of renegade Moroccans. The police want to interrogate him about his practice but he is afraid to detention after any interrogation. ' I hide me all three days. I sleep a day here and another day somewhere else and try not to stay in one place too long, "says Imad according to Yabiladi.

The 23-year-old Moroccan is an activist of the 20 February MALI Group (alternative movement for individual freedoms) and co-founder of the Group Masayminch. This group provides each year for controversy because they publicly for come true not fasting. His latest move is the Council of ex-Muslims of Morocco and also makes it a stir. He has an extremely provocative motto figured out that ' there is no God but .... Mickey Mouse ' is.

His views have made him quite often resulted in interrogations but with its new organization he fears that this time what goes. ' It is very common to be called up in Morocco for questioning before being arrested, ' says the renegade Moroccan.

According to the young man is his father recently reprimanded by agents. ' Agents came to the door and wanted to know if I had contacts abroad. For example, they asked whether I on the phone spoke other languages and what for I visit home. Also, they wanted to know what his vision was compared to me. ' Imad was not home that day but his father let him know what the agents said.

"He told my father that I gave Morocco a bad image and worked against the development of Morocco. He also said that he would ensure that I with my work would stop. ' A few days later came an officer back on the door. At that time was Imad road but the officer admitted to a family member know that the police wanted to question him in response to an article that appeared on Hespress.

The Moroccan disappeared the next day. ' I'm not going to take risks. I take advice from people who have considerable experience in this area and take the best decisions, ' he says. The case comes in a month in which the Supreme Council of Moroccan Scholars a opinion on the punishment of apostates. The Moroccan Government asked for an opinion and the Council answered short and sweet: ' the death penalty '.

Imad Iddine Habib knows that his group is in the minority and that the country against their is. The Facebook page of February 20, MALI has established the new Council members and only 486 3658 likes. After examining the research firm Pew shows that 79% of Moroccans tolerant stands opposite apostate people. The percentage may seem high but Morocco stays behind compared to other countries.

Imad, however, is determined and is not afraid to swim against the current. Though he continues to have respect for Moroccans who Muslims are and invites them to apostasy. ' We are not looking for a strong sound and try not to build large network. We want people not ' repent ' but just want to collect as a club for people who have the same vision ', decided the atheist.

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