Mixed marriages are on the increase

Two faiths on one pillow, there the devil sleeps between.

The Saini Word says it all: ' If two persons of a different faith get married, it is rarely good '. Getting married is a big step that you take in life, but with whom you wedding? You go for the Moroccan, or choose someone with another origin and religion. A native Belgian or Dutch perhaps? One thing is for sure, mixed marriages are becoming more common. In Belgium were married ten years ago only 12 percent with someone from another origin.

Today, it's going to be one in six. In the year 2008 Belgium counted over 45,613 marriages. Of those marriages 35,681 Belgians gave each other the Yes Word. In addition there were 7,615 mixed marriages. The combination Belgian-Moroccan is the most common form in mixed marriages. A mixed marriage is a sign of integration and you could speak of a enrichment. Statistics indicate somewhat different.

There are in fact more separations at mixed marriages than unmixed marriages. In Belgium ran more than 5,165 mixed marriages on the rocks. That is a doubling compared to 10 years ago. Or a mixed marriage or a good idea ...

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