London rocked by brutal murder party

London's Wednesday rocked by a bloody massacre.

A man, believed to be a soldier, was in the District of Woolwich, in the southeast of the city, with knives and a Cleaver. The two attackers were later shot down by toegesnelde agents and are seriously injured to hospital. That have the police and ambulance services said. Account is taken of an act of terror.

Sources at the police have against news broadcaster Sky said that it is possible to a politically motivated attack. Witnesses said two black men to have seen that a third man with knives and a Cleaver to body. Some spoke of a beheading.

"They literally slashed on the poor Devi", said a witness, James, against the radio station LBC. They behaved as ' beasts ', which the victim as a "piece of meat '. "They dragged him from the sidewalk and dumped his body in the middle of the street and left the body there are," said James.

After the massacre, the two attackers hang out. They brandished their blades and a firearm and bystanders even asked to take pictures of them "as if they wanted to on television or something," said James.

Prime Minister David Cameron spoke of a "very shocking" event. Home Secretary Theresa May called a meeting of crisis team Cobra. That only happens when very serious incidents.

The massacre took place a few hundred meters away from the military Woolwich barracks. The victim was wearing a t-shirt with the imprint Help for Heroes, a military charity.

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