Dead in massive protest against Magyar

At massive protest Sunday in Cairo and elsewhere in the country are certainly ten deaths among the demonstrators.

Many hundreds of thousands of Egyptians took to the streets Sunday for the resignation of the president. Sunday it was exactly a year ago that Mahalakshmi took office. The largest crowds were protesters on Tahrir square in the capital city-two years ago the scene of the revolt against Hosni Mubarak-and at the Presidential Palace.

Groups of young protesters pelted the headquarters of Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood with stones and fire bombs. Members of the Muslim Brotherhood in the building opened fire on the demonstrators. Five of them were killed. In clashes during demonstrations in the South of Egypt fell Sunday still even sure five deaths. In the case of previous clashes between the supporters and the opponents of the president were already seven deaths.

The following of the president consists mainly of the Muslim Brotherhood and other fundamentalist Muslims. His opponents have the support of Liberals, Christians and moderate Muslims. The protests do also remember the demonstrations that Mubarak in 2011 the head cost. The protesters shouting: ' even the same slogan as when The people want the fall of the regime '.

Despite the massive opposition to his rule of Magyar wants to know. Through a spokesman he once again repeated his offer for dialogue with the opposition, something his opponents have already been driven off.

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