Moroccans and Turks also on gay boat Canal Parade

Moroccan and Turkish gay activists sail along during the Canal Parade.

Advocates for gay acceptance of Turkish, Moroccan, Surinamese and Antillean community Saturday during the Canal Parade in Amsterdam with Minister Jet Bussemaker (PvdA) through the canals. Bussemaker, that emancipation in its portfolio, designed to emphasize that regardless of origin, everyone has the right to be gay.

Within the various minorities in Netherlands shows homosexuality still sensitive. Research by the social cultural planning bureau that appeared in may, showed that less than a third of the Turkish and Moroccan Dutch approve gay marriage. Three quarters of the parents would find it a problem if their child on the same sex would fall.

With the Cabinet's boat, that this year's theme ' Whatever your roots: it's your right to be gay! ', wants to ratify the Cabinet that everyone has the right to be himself. "This Government is right," said the Minister in a statement. "For being open to each other, accept others in their ' being different ' is a condition for everyone to be able to live together."

Include the Turkish-Dutch homosexual activist Narayan Fil calls on the boat. Fil last year was initiator of the "Turkish boat" during the Canal Parade.

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