Call for Amazigh Morocco on new notes

Morocco gets in the coming weeks, a whole series of new banknotes.

After the adoption of the new Constitution in Morocco in Morocco Berber has been given an official status. The Amazigh community would like to see in addition to Arabic and French also Tamazight on the new Moroccan notes. A large part of this community wants that they too can identify with the Moroccan dirhams.

The Azmza Association for culture and development, the Director of Bank Al-Maghrib (BAM) in an open letter asked to adhere to the Constitution, which was adopted in 2011. The organization also points out that the Berbers on bank notes is part of the reforms. Images of the new notes appeared last week but to the great surprise of many, there was no Tamazight.

Yabiladi spoke to Rachid El H, Director of Azmza: ' it is now two years since the Tamazight an official language in Morocco. Since then, this is the first time that the Bank of Morocco new banknotes and they do not take into account the constitutional amendment, "complains El H. "Our claim is legal, ' he adds. In his struggle can El H count on much support from other organizations.

The Anazour Association also reports that there is a law exists and that that should be applied. The Moroccan Association for human rights (AMDH) supports the will of the Amazigh likewise. "We have pointed out the Moroccan authorities of their obligations regarding the Amazigh language. There should be equality between the languages ', AMDH know.

The organisations believe that the Berber language also can be seen on coins, identity cards, passports, stamps and in the national anthem.