Ebru Umar does Declaration of ' dreigtweets ' two thousand

Ebru Umar is a declaration of the dreigtweets she has gotten following a column in Metro.

That writes the columnist Friday in an opinion piece in the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad. In the column, the writer was referring to the Prophet Muhammad as ' guest ' that dead, after which they said two thousand dreigtweets. Also names many Turks blame the hair that they constantly negative about Turks.

Umar writes to be surprised by the reactions in which they sometimes was threatened with death. "It surprised me because I had written the column in the evening as fast," said the 43-year-old writer. The column about ramadan appeared on 19 July.

The tweets were astonishing Umar also to the ' misguided aversion for Netherlands and Dutch norms and values and the glorification of everything Turkish is '.

ebru umar