Amazigh names still denied in Morocco

From a letter by an Amazigh-organization to Prime Minister Adnan Baby shows that compliance with the new laws concerning this group of citizens not entirely correct are complied with.

There are still names that new parents may not register. Amazigh Network for citizenship irritates the forbidden names and keeps the Moroccan premier by means of a letter. The organization employs more than twenty had received complaints about for names associated with official bodies will be refused. One of the better known complaints comes from an official from the region Khemisset. He wants his newborn child the name Massine, but that State Government doesn't matter.

In the Tamazight is Massine for ' source '. The parents always complain about the behaviour of a group of officials at burger registrations. The network has Baby urgently called to intervene so that the Amazigh names simply allowed the marital status. In 1996 suggested Driss Basri, a list of names that are allowed in Morocco.

Many municipalities select the names based on this list. State your chosen name is not in the list, parents can whistle at the first name. By the new Constitution in such situations, however, Morocco would be a thing of the past.