' Gordon is a racist jerk ' (video)

Gordon and Howard Kaiser are engaged in a twitterruzie.

The two parts Wednesday from sneren over and over again, after the comedian expressed his displeasure about a comment from the singer in Holland's Got Talent. "What song will you sing? Number 39 with rice? ", was one of the questions by Gordon on an Asian candidate. Kaiser finds Gordon a ' raath ' ' doesn't bother to look beyond the most easy joke '.

"It's going to be the easy jokes about a Chinese. Bad, easy, stupid jokes. While that Mr. itself. Time and time again, "said the comedian. "Would you like else jokes of me borrow so that there finally someone laughs at your gigs?," said Gordon.

"Shameless, laugh at someone in his face. And then go on as well. I find witnesses of a suspicious kind of humor. At the expense of others ", parries Komproe. "If I load would have of loneliness I might also just bounced at the expense of others. And false. " Gordon seems to be there just to be able to laugh. "Can anyone tell me who Howard Komproe is? Hahaha. "

On social media in the United States many find that Gordon jokes go too far. ' Racist jerk ', is one of the comments.

[video = youtube; 2AjJbBMnxts] http://www.youtube.com/watch? v = 2AjJbBMnxts [/video]

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