Moroccan transsexual Nordin is now Norwegian and all accepted

Among the celebrities who appeared on the red carpet during the film festival in Marrakech was a remarkable appearance.

In 1970 was born in Agadir Nordin and went like many Moroccan boys to high school and had a high level of ambition for sport. So took He participated in national championships for athletics and he won even a Golden Medal at the age of fifteen. However, the boy developed later in life other passions. One was the dancing. He made every moment on Weddings and parties use to dance to Arabic music.

At the age of 18, decided to fly to Europe Nordin, which marked a u-turn later in the life of the doubting boy. In Spain and France, he received multiple new hobbies and passions. From his love of sport he jumped over to glamour, fashion and belly dancing. Back in Morocco launched Nordin a private fashion brand and gave dance class to the most competent choreographers. Soon followed the first surgery to Noor Nordin's.

Noor underwent several operations to her male body into that of a woman. Now they know to draw positive attention.

Opposite magazine Telquel says Noor T the following: ' in the past I could effortlessly running and about hordes of jumping because I had long legs ', she recalls. Today she is a welcome person at weddings and other parties. During the thirteenth edition of the Marrakech Film festival Norway could not be missing. Morocco accepted the in Transgender appeared on the red carpet and posed in a revealing dress for the photographers.

United may also call mother. They recently adopted a little girl.

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