Declaration against Geert Wilders to rule on Moroccans

The public prosecutor's Office (to) in the Hague has received a declaration against Geert Wilders, because of the statements that the politician last week did about Moroccans.

That confirms a spokesman for the ORDER Wednesday. The Declaration is lodged by a private individual from ' the Hague ', thus the saying woman. The PVV-Foreman said last week during a television appearance at RTL Z that Netherlands would be better off with fewer Moroccans. A day later he put that topics for the cameras of the NOS. "the less Moroccans in the Netherlands, the better," said Wilders then.While half fell over the Netherlands political statements, Wilders refused to withdraw. Including PvdA-D66 leader Alexander Pechtold Hans Spekman, President and Chairman of the VVD Halbe Zijlstra gave criticism on Wilders. Prime Minister Mark Rutte (VVD) said will eventually not be able to find in the statements of the PVV-President.Wilders left Tuesday also know self declaration, in connection with a video clip of rapper Hozni. In the video, a man looking like the politician threatened with firearms and kidnapped. The Declaration of Wilders is not yet at the public prosecutor's Office, said the spokesman.

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