Wilders stirreth grassroots back on: ' Less Moroccans! ' (video)

Geert Wilders has repeated its call for less Moroccans.

For a cheering audience called the PVV leader: "we want fewer Moroccans?" There was an obvious "less, less, less ' from the Hall in the Hague. Wilders made his appeal in the Hague earlier in the campaign, one of the two cities where the PVV. It came to him on a lot of criticism. Also was registered against the PVV leader.He said earlier in the evening that the Government parties Wednesday evening a ' suit on their Thunder '. "I am happy with it because I called." According to Wilders, the Cabinet "had its day". After the speech erupted social media. The comparison with Hitler was often made and generally spoke users their disgust.[video = youtube; Http://www.youtube.com/watch BaB75uznT8o] BaB75uznT8o [/video]? v =

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