Bid's also angry to Moroccans-statements Wilders

Also known after the Netherlands can hear statements by Geert Wilders about Moroccans.

"I have registered", tweeted Georgina Verbaan, with a link to a report form by the police. "Message", improved herself later. Wilders promised Wednesday evening at an election meeting in the Hague to go provide less Moroccans in the Netherlands. "Volkert, where are you if your country needs you", also does Thijs Römer an oar in. That statement, with which Römer seems to refer to Volkert van der g., the murderer of Pim Fortuyn, led to a storm of indignant comments on Twitter."I would like to refer you to the last scene from 06/05 of Van Gogh", added the actor later, referring to the film by Theo van Gogh in which facts and fiction around the assassination of Pim Fortuyn are mixed and in which R a leading role. "Of course I hope that history will not repeat itself." Actress Halina Reijn claimed Thursday afternoon that she has done against Wilders. "Five minutes call 0900 8844", twittered they the rural service number of the police.Dutch Moroccans, including actors Nasrdin Dchar and Achmed Akkabi and comedian Najib Amhali, came also in action. They twitterden the past few days a Dutch passport under the hastag selfie with their #bornhere. In the run-up to the municipal elections showed Wilders already. The PVV-Foreman said last week at a campaign meeting in the Hague that the city has too many Moroccans.

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