Demonstration in Eindhoven against jewelry stores woman

Some thirty people have Saturday night in Eindhoven protested the jewellers wife from Deurne that Friday two robbers shot dead.

This reports Omroep Brabant. The campaigners believe that the woman as hero is seen. The police, the Group summoned to go away because it is forbidden to protest on the square without a permit, notify the broadcasting. The campaigners had slogans written on banners as ' Marina is no hero '. Also the woman accused of murder. On social media is there much support.The Facebook page ' Acquittal for woman of the jeweler from Deurne ' has Sunday morning for more than 32 thousand likes. In the comments say a lot of people that they do not grieve for the victims and that the couple had acted properly. Lawyer Peter Plasman said Saturday night in the very remarkable Nieuwsuur that he found that the prosecution has already indicated that the case probably not more for the right.According to Pal can certainly be said that it was not as severe weather without the matter is sorted out. The Deurnse jewelry store was raided Friday by two men. After a struggle the two perpetrators were shot. In the case were found two firearms, one of which is supposedly from the jeweler and his wife. The couple had probably no weapon permit.One of the robbers is a 20-year-old man from Eindhoven with a Moroccan background. He is a well known by police and judicial authorities. The identity of the second robber is not yet known. It does not exclude that there may be a third or fourth robber was.

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