Dutch Labour Party Councillor: ' Mind you not with gay legislation in Morocco '

The Phoenix Labour councillor Jamal Nouhi Thursday afternoon by his party is summoned to appear before the House because of his alleged anti gay-statements.

The Group distances herself from the remarks made by Nouhi. That says Labour councillor Rob Sips from Breda Thursday. Nouhi wrote Wednesday that Human Rights Watch is not to interfere with gay legislation in Morocco. The organization wants that the country stop the criminalisation of homosexuality. "Putting aside traditional values as old-fashioned works every time. Always but that finger, these are internal matters. Morocco is not pointing the finger to other countries to the values and standards, "said Nouhi.The Councillor says on a forum that his statements on personal title does. "That's just love for a country where my roots are. This has nothing to do with political orientation. " According to Sagar are the statements out of alignment with the views of the labour party. "Far from it in fact. I sincerely hope that he has not considered these statements. "Group Chairman Henk van de Velde goes according to Sips ' really ' in conversation with Nouhi as soon as possible.

jamal nouhi
rob sagar